Vall is the second of the five natural satellites of Jool. Like the other large Joolian moons, Laythe and Tylo (of which Vall is the smallest), Vall is tidally locked to its parent. Synchronous orbits around Vall are not possible, as they would lie outside of its SOI, at a radius of 3,893,254 meters.

Vall is KSP's analog to Jupiter's moon Europa.

Though the bodies have topical similarities, landing on Vall and returning is significantly more challenging than a landing on the Mün, due to the former's higher gravity, more uneven terrain and distance from Kerbin.

According to former developer NovaSilisko, Vall was planned to be made more like Eeloo, with cracks in the ice and a more chaotic surface than in 0.20.2

In-game Description Edit

Vall was one of the last Moons of Jool to be discovered. Frustrated scientists kept attempting to wipe it off the lenses of their telescopes. Eventually after a rash of returned telescopes, Advanced Optics Co. finally decided to just tell them it was an actual object in the sky.Kerbal Astronomical Society

Topography Edit

Vall has an icy surface dominated by hilly lowland areas separated by mountain ridges and which ranges in elevation from 0 to 7976 m. There are almost no completely level areas, making it hard to find good landing spots.

Vall has some circular mountain ridges which could be remnants of impact craters, but they are heavily eroded, hinting that Vall has some geological activity, presumably in the form of cryovolcanism.

The surface color ranges between white and light blue. When terrain scatters are activated, large boulders with contrast-rich black and white surface patterns can be found on the surface.

Biomes Edit

Vall has 9 biomes. It has mostly large Lowlands broken up by Midlands and Highlands with some high Mountains in between. There are four distinct Basins and Poles available as well.

Biomes list Edit

  • Poles
    • Highlands
    • Midlands
    • Lowlands
    • Mountains
    • Northeast Basin
    • Northwest Basin
    • Southern Basin
    • Southern Valleys

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  • Added biomes


  • Added biomes


  • Initial Release
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