The features listed here are planned for future versions of Kerbal Space Program and may change during the course of development by Squad.

This list is not an official roadmap for the game. It is maintained by the community, and has no direct relation to what may or may not be included in the final product.

Future releasesEdit

This section lists all planned features for future releases. Please note that these features are not a commitment, and the dev team is not under any obligation to implement them.

Enhanced IVA's: Moving and interacting inside of the craft Edit

  • Crew tasks: Have the crew take charge of controlling the craft (provided they can handle it)
  • More prebuilt crafts, for tutorials or as examples

Space CenterEdit

  • Astronaut complex: Hire and train kerbonauts (done)
  • Mission control room: Create flight plans and take on missions and challenges
  • Observatory: Discover new celestial body to visit.

Spacecraft ConstructionEdit

  • Exploded view: A schematic visualization of the craft, allowing for greater control over the craft's functionality
  • Tweakables: Context menu when right-clicking on a part (done)
  • Mining parts: Used to gather resources on other bodies (done)
  • Stack extensions: Fairings and solid-booster fuel plugs (done)
  • Spacecraft stats: Total weight, loaded resources (per stage?)  
  • SAS/ASAS improvement: Reducing/Eliminating oscillations from the current system 
  • Reaction wheel system: Removing the automatic torque from command pods and replacing it with a reaction wheel system (The reaction wheels require power to operate) (done)

Celestial BodiesEdit

  • gas planets, moons and an asteroid belt [4]

Physics & DynamicsEdit

  • Wind & turbulence conditions
  • Damage effects
  • New lighting system with better shadows
  • Better aerodynamics (done)
  • Fixed fuel flow and changing maximum thrust depending on surrounding atmospheric pressure (at the moment the fuel flow is changing and the maximum thrust available is fixed)[5]

Scenery & GraphicsEdit

  • Clouds (weather?)
  • Static particles (cloudlets)
  • Long-duration smoke trails
  • Better scenery for space center scene
  • Matching launchpad scenery in flight
  • New models for the VAB and Space Plane Hanger
  • Procedurally generated craters
  • Cities and other geographic points of reference


  • More and better sound effects

Game & EngineEdit

  • OSC data interface: Connectivity with external applications


  • A more complete SDK and documentation (you can help by adding to the wiki!)


  • Expansion packs/DLCs (different from updates, will be purchased separately and include features distinct from the original game's main idea)
  • Planets and stars systems generator

More UpdatesEdit

those will be released in future update :)

  • Steam achievements
  • Multiplayer.
  • Autopilot Systems.
  • Weapons or military features.
  • Alien civilizations.
  • Terraforming.
  • Conversion to a different game engine.
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