Parts are the objects, items and functions that the player uses to build their craft with.

Parts are divided into several categories, each with their own icon. These categories are:

  • Pods (The objects that allow the player to control their craft)
  • Fuel Tanks (Liquid Fuel, Oxidiser, Mono-propellant and Ore storage areas)
  • Engines (What provides thrust to the player's craft, also uses resources respective to the function)
  • Control (Gives the player extra control over their craft)
  • Structural (Adapters, couplers and struts)
  • Payload (Lets the player store smaller craft in a larger craft)
  • Aerodynamics (Gives the player parts that will let your craft travel faster)
  • Ground (Wheels and other thing that will let you land your craft)
  • Thermal (Helps the craft to stop overheating)
  • Electrical (Electrical parts are in this section)
  • Communication (Lets you communicate with other craft and KSA)
  • Science (lets the player get science to unlock more parts)
  • Utility (parachutes, ladders, lights, Escape systems, Habitation module, Resource harvesters and converters)

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