Minmus is a small moon of Kerbin. From the surface of Kerbin or Mun, it is a cyan speck one or two pixels wide which appears to slightly oscillate vertically. This is a result of viewing its rotation from afar. Up close, it is mint green in appearance with what seem to be icy buttes, large hills, and frozen lakes. The highest areas are over 5.7 km in altitude. It requires more delta-v to reach Minmus orbit than Mun orbit, however it is easier to land on the surface and return.

Orbital CharacteristicsEdit

  • Synodic Period from Kerbin's Surface: 14 days, 3 hours, 1 second (1220401 seconds)

Synchronous orbit around Minmus is possible at an altitude of 357.94 km.

Jumping on this moon will make you ascend 6m from the ground


Minmus has a very uneven surface, with substantial areas over 5 km high and a maximum terrain elevation of 5725 m. The vast majority of the surface is rolling hills, with lakes of a frozen substance (or salt, as Minmus is too close to the Sun for water ice to form) concentrated near the equator.[1] The lakes are almost perfectly flat and mostly at datum altitude (0 m). Minmus also has some mesas which are so high compared to Minmus' sphere of influence, that they still count as in orbit according to the navigation tools. This makes landing on these plateaus more challenging, because the direction marker and speed don't correct for the rotation of the surface.

For most landings (non-plateau and non-lake), expect touchdown at an altitude of between 2000m and 2500m.


Orbital Characteristics
Semi-Major Axis 47 000 000 m (1)
Apoapsis 47 000 000 m (1)
Periapsis 47 000 000 m (1)
Orbital Eccentricity 0
Orbital Inclination 6 °
Argument of periapsis {{{pe arg}}} °
Longitude of the ascending node {{{an arg}}} °
Mean Anomaly 0.94 rad (at 0s UT)
Siderial orbital period 1 077 311 s
49 d 5 h 15 m 10.5 s (Kerbin time)

12 d 11 h 15 m 10.5 s (Earth time)

Synodic orbital period 1 220 132 s
56 d 2 h 55 m 31.6 s (Kerbin time)

14 d 2 h 55 m 31.6 s (Earth time)

Orbital Velocity 274.1 m/s
Physical Characteristics
Equatorial Radius 60 000 m
Surface Area 4.5238934×1010 m2
Mass 2.6457897×1019 kg
Gravitational Parameter 1.7658000×109 m3/s2
Density 29 242.396 kg/m3
Surface Gravity 0.491 m/s2
Escape Velocity 242.61 m/s
Sidereal Rotation Period 40 400.000 s
1 d 5 h 13 m 20 s (Kerbin time)

11 h 13 m 20 s (Earth time)

Sidereal Rotational Velocity 9.3315 m/s
Synchronous Orbit 357.94 km
Sphere of Influence 2 247 428.4 m
Highest elevation 5725 m
Atmospheric Characteristics
Atmosphere Present No
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