A kerbal made with Kerbalizer.

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Kerbalizer is a simple software made by Squad, developers of Kerbal Space Program, that allows downloaders to create their own Kerbals.  There are two versions of Kerbalizer currently available to the public: Free and Pro.  Free is a standard software, while Pro is more advanced, but it costs $2.00 USD.  Sadly, you cannot import your kerbals into KSP.

Free KerbalizerEdit

In the free version, you can:

Kerbalizer in action!

  • Create your own custom Kerbal.
  • Dress it up.
  • Give it hairstyles.
  • Facial details and accesories.
  • Rotate the Kerbal to get the best angle.
  • Share your creation in Facebook, email it or just download.

Pro KerbalizerEdit

In the pro version, for $2.00 USD, you can:

  • Use all of the features in Free Version.
  • Change the color of most garments and hairstyles.
  • Use an Animation mixer to get the Kerbal in a pose you like.
  • Use Different backgrounds to make your creation more lively.
  • Use More Assets.
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