The Kerbal Space Center is the complex where you launch rockets from Kerbin.


As seen in update 0.25


  • Vehicle Assembly Building: This building, commonly abbreviated to 'VAB', is one of the most essential, and is used to make your main form of space travel in KSP; Rockets. (And rovers...)  Vehicles created here launch at the Launch Pad.
  • Spaceplane Hangar: The Spaceplane Hangar, or SPH, is the other vehicle construction center. This building, like the VAB, is used to create vehicles.  However, this buildng is more focused on creating Planes that can launch off of Runways.
  • Launch Pad:  This building should not be classified as a building, but more as a launch site.  The Launch Pad is an area where VAB-made vehicles launch.  It looks quite like the average launch pad, obviously.
  • Runway: This building is also not a "building" and it's the only KSC building that is not built on a hexagonal plot. This building is used to launch spaceplanes built in the Spaceplane Hanger.

Update HistoryEdit

  • 0.25:
    • Added Administration Building.
    • All buildings are now destructible.
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