Kerbals, as they appear in Kerbal Space Program.

Kerbals are a race of small green humanoids who are native to the planet Kerbin, serving as a in-game analogs for humans in Kerbal Space Program.

Features Edit

The Kerbals are basically humans, just with green skin and strange vocal patterns. Kerbals can be pilots or occupants of spacecraft/planes, and show a mathematical prowess, being able to calculate and analyze scientific data. They also have a Courage and Stupidity bar, which, besides changing their facial expressions during flight, appear to do nothing. The four most well-known Kerbals are Bill, Jebediah, Bob, and Valentina Kerman. It also seems that most of the Kerbial's names are 2 words: a common name + a noun. For example, Johnhat Kerman. Also, all Kerbals have the last name Kerman, which will possibly be changed in a future update.


The Kerbal Courage and Stupidity bars.

 It is quite obvious that the kerbal design is based off of the stereotypical martian, excluding the eyes and square head.  Kerbals also seem to be able to bounce off of almost any surface without dying. 

Similarities to Martians:

Strange vocal patterns

Green Skin

Strange abilities (no blunt force trauma)

Strangely shaped head

Similarites to Humans

The Kerbals seem to have an average level of intelligance




Two Eyes

Social Contact

Ability to drown

Breathes oxygen

Special Kerbals Edit

Some special kerbals include:

Crew member Jebediah Kerman

Crew member Bob Kerman

Crew member Bill Kerman

Crew member Valentina Kerman

Kerbal Space Program The Movie

Kerbal Space Program The Movie

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