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Jebediah Kerman, or better known by the community simply as 'Jeb', is one of 'The Big Four' and one of the first Kerbonauts in the game. He, just like Bob, Bill, and Valentina, are always the first Kerbals to be selected when one starts up a new game.


Jebediah, Bill, Bob and Valentina Kerman were originally the first Kerbonauts hired by the KSC, and to signify this, wear orange spacesuits instead of the normal white spacesuits worn by all other Kerbals (Excluding Tourists). Interestingly, if the player has enabled the 'Auto fill crew slots' option when they were starting up a new game (regardless of Career, Science, or Sandbox), Jebediah will always be the first Kerbonaut onboard the vessel. Sometimes, he will be the only Kerbonaut onboard.


  • In the game's code for Jebediah, there is a line of code saying 'badS=True'. This is also the same for Valentina, and this line of code is what makes the Kerbal's 'fear' or 'worried' facial expressions replaced by their 'happy' facial expression, even in the worst case scenario (like your Kerbal burning up in the atmosphere on EVA). The 'badS' stands for 'badass'.
  • Another reference to the 'badS' is the Kerbal's green skin tone. The colour designation for the particular shade of green is 'BADA55', or 'BADASS'.
  • As with the rest of The Big Four, Jebediah will always return back to the KSC, after a few days of being apparently 'killed'. Even if, say, your craft exploded on Gilly, for example, which is far from Kerbin, Jebediah will always return back to the KSC after a few days time. It is not clear how he manages this though.
  • When one looks at the viewscreen on the bottom right side of their screen (where one can select either IVA or EVA options for a particular Kerbal), Jebediah will be seen with his orange spacesuit on. However, if you select the EVA option for him, or for any of The Big Four, he will have the normal white and red spacesuit on. However, using mods like TextureReplacer, you can edit this to make him have his orange spacesuit on in EVA.