Docking is a feature in Kerbal Space Program, added in version 0.25, when the various Clamp-O-Tron Parts were added to the game. Docking, in general, is when a spacecraft, which has any of the Clamp-O-Tron docking ports attached, joins another craft which also has a docking port attached. There are four types of docking ports available:

How to dockEdit

For a players craft to dock with another craft (e.g. a space station), it must rendezvous with the other craft. Then, when maneuvering the craft once you have rendezvoused, it is often a good idea to use short bursts of RCS thrusters, as these can be shut off quickly, and don't provide a lot of thrust (so your craft doesn't collide with too much force, causing damage to both vessels). The actual docking process is quite simple: Get your craft close to the other craft's docking port, dock, and it's done!

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