I always thought the "Jool Kills Kerbals" effect was intentional, but it is actually a kraken glitch.

The Deep Space Kraken is a well known glitch that involves errors with the physics engine, causing strange errors with the game.  There are many forms of the Kraken.

Well Known FormsEdit

Common Kraken/General Kraken

Although this kraken has been removed by an update, this kraken is one of the more well known krakens.  The kraken would destroy your ship by moving pieces apart.  This kraken would happen rarely when exiting the Map or IVA screens.

Kerbal Speed Kraken/Warp Kraken

This kraken occurs after a Kerbal leaves a ship after a very high speed time warp.  They may go blasting off at an astonishing speed, easily beating the speed of light.

6K Launch Kraken/6 Death Kraken

This kraken rarely occurs when a rocket reaches 6000 meters up in Kerbin's atmosphere. It launches a rocket at high speeds, creating a warped engine sound and an extremely powerful wobbling effect.  This glitch has occured with the author of this section, Ragonoid, multiple times.  It also has a chance to freeze your game.

Butt Kraken/*ss Kraken

This kraken is extremely rare, happening when loading quicksaves.  The screen gets filled with fire particles, and the game crashes and deletes all vehicles, excluding EVA's and Flags.

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