Bop is one of the five natural satellites of Jool. It seems to be a captured asteroid and has certain similarities to Gilly, another presumably captured asteroid orbiting Eve. Bop has a large crater with a white rim. Some of its mountains rise to nearly 22 km above the surface, meaning any orbit below this could possibly impact the surface. It is comparable to Minmus in that, due to its low gravity, landing is relatively easy. This low gravity results in its bulged, irregular terrain. The brownish surface color may come from solid carbon or iron oxide within the harsh landscape.

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Bop is mostly mountainous with very few flat surface areas. Due to a very low surface gravity, it is unable to achieve hydrostatic equilibrium. A noticeable feature on Bop is a very large impact crater on the northern hemisphere west to the prime meridian. The highest point on Bop is an astounding 21,758 m, marking the highest point above sea level in the Kerbol System. The point lies at 23.87° W and 64.57° N and is as high as Olympus Mons on Mars.

Like most other Kerbol bodies, excluding Minmus, the Mun and Kerbin, Bop was a single biome until version 0.90.


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Bop has 5 biomes.

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File:Bop biome 1800x900.png
  • Poles
  • Slopes
  • Peaks
  • Valley
  • Ridges

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  • Bop looks very similar to Gilly in color and shape.

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  • Added biomes
  • Semi-major axis increased to prevent SOI intersection with Tylo
  • Initial release

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