• Galavent

    I'm taking initiative.

    August 23, 2020 by Galavent

    Good evening, I have recently noticed this wiki and its community, or its lack of such a thing. Considering this, I have thought it best to take initiative, and build-up a page for this Wikia's basic rules if I may. While I do not really believe myself to be qualified to establish such things, I believe I have the basic right to make a proposition. How do I plan to do this you may ask? Well, the answer is rather simple, like any good sport, I will simply make a page dedicated to listing out what I believe to be the basic rules upon which a wiki could function. Should I be incredibly wrong about this Wikia's community, and if there is a rules page which I failed to see, please inform me of my fallacy.

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  • So-Safe

    airline packs

    November 29, 2019 by So-Safe

    ksp should add airline packs for plane parts

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  • Dapper Illuminatist


    I've recently seen this wiki is quite dead... (in my opinion) Last edit was almost many months ago. By a random fandom user i dont know if he created this wiki though. I ask for ownership because of this so i can revive this wiki and write the pages as they should be and not just a copy and paste reference from the official KSP wiki.


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  • Ragonoid


    October 11, 2014 by Ragonoid

    Im ragonoid.  somethin else grammar gud

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