On the 29th of March, 2017, the 'Making History' Expansion Pack was announced on the Kerbal Space Program Forums. This is the first expansion pack for the game, and is based around real life missions such as NASA's Apollo, the Russian's Soyuz and the International Space Station.


Details of this expansion pack are few, but new parts and features include a parachute for Kerbals, smaller and bigger probe parts, new science features, more rocket and spaceplane parts, and environment updates. Squad has announced that anyone who bought Kerbal Space Program before May 2013 will receive the expansion pack for free. If a player has bought the game after May 2013, they will have to pay for the expansion pack. The expansion pack is optional, although new content in the future will probably be for expansion packs and not the base game. Pricing of the expansion pack is still to be announced. But most likely it will be reasonably priced

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